Notes on the Past Imperfect


Now free on Amazon Kindle – for 4/5 days. A great read – even if I say so myself! A great cover created by the one and only Andrew Browne. Stirring – and quite genuine – comments:

“Quite marvellous. Maybe that’s what great lit does for us – allows us to weep the tears we have been holding captive…” – S.C.
“So hit by the rawness and swept away by the fluidity… A deep, soft poignancy that’s really touching…” – J.W.
“A cascade of words which seems to tumble out one on top of the other before disappearing in any number of poetic eddies. Brings to mind reading Francoise Segan.” – J.H.
“He can put things into words that I can only feel – so much of this book is flaying me, I’m hurting, but it’s a hurt that I can deal with and I value.” – J O S.



About walshachill

I've worked and lived in communications all my life: journalist, subeditor, editor, actor, director, producer - here in Ireland and abroad. I fell in love with Hiberno-English a long time ago - English as it is spoken and written in my country - and have been in love with it ever since. I love the challenge of pen and blank paper: creating characters, storylines, drama. I love the wind and the sea and the mountains, fresh air and green grass and the sun on my back (I play a mean game of golf) - all of which I have around me... Not to mention the warm humour that wells up from a big heart. If I may share with you some of the gems that have influenced me down the years; I've tried to abide by them but didn't always succeed! "You make your way by taking it... "It does not just happen, you have to make it happen... "Sometimes in stooping down to pick up two pennies one can lose a fortune..." Interests Friendship - when it is not possessive, controlling... Quiet. Silence - a positive value completely overlooked by many today... Reading - carefully judged. If I'm not hooked by the first sequence - the first paragraph - I won't read any further... Trying, day in day out, not to spill any more milk... and to stop crying over milk already spilt. Not suffering fools gladly... Analysing Casablanca, frame for frame, line by line... Publications My scripts have been broadcast on RTE, Radio One, BBC 4 and, in translation, on European networks; televised on RTE One, BBC One and Channel 4; staged at the Peacock by the Abbey National Theatre, at the Project, the Eblana, the Liverpool Playhouse and on the London Fringe… Credits include The Night of the Rouser. Earwig. The Dreamers. Fugitive. Veil. Penny for Your Travels. Far Side of the Moon. Three for Calvary. Jenny One, Two, Three… The Circus. Centre Circle. Where Do We Go from Here, My Lovely? At The Praetorium. Conclave. Assault on a Citadel. I have facilitated many workshops on Creative/Script Writing in Dublin and at various centres around Ireland. Favourite authors A D Sertillanges. John Henry Newman. Waugh. Greene. Hemmingway. Hans Kung. Likes: Good conversation. The company of my fellow searchers... Con pane... meaning, with bread... hence company... Dislikes: Arrogant, self-opinionated prigs... Controlling, bullying clerics... Favourite Quote: "I passionately hate the idea of being with it. I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time." (Orson Welles (1915 - 1985))
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